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Using automation to Improve sales & productivity

Using automation to Improve sales & productivity


A leading short-term insurer was struggling with sales conversion from SMS communication; they needed to respond to Leads faster and have better information about the Lead.

Capturing, tracking, and reporting on leads from various SMS campaigns in Salesforce CRM was taking too long, while they knew that responding to leads faster would increase conversions.

What the company needed, was a way for all positive SMS responses to appear directly, and without delay, on a Sales Agent’s screen in Salesforce CRM, with the right information about the Lead, allowing Agents to respond to Leads immediately.


Grapevine solved the requirement by developing a customised SMS-to-Salesforce-CRM Lead Integration service that seamlessly automates SMS leads to Salesforce CRM.

Providing extra details about the Lead it also meant that the company would be able to better track and measure the effectiveness of each SMS campaign.


With the company’s Sales Team now able to quickly identify and contact Leads thanks to Grapevine's real-time automated API integration, Agents now spend less time processing Leads and more time responding to them.

Why not optimise your acquisition strategy, improve leads, and get better campaign performance with Grapevine Automation? Don't hesitate to reach out to us today and explore how our automated communication services can revolutionise your lead conversion workflows. Let's discuss your needs and how we can collaborate to achieve your business goals.

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