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Improving outcomes for large home shopping retailer

Improving outcomes for large home shopping retailer


Many high-performing organisations have adopted a journey-based approach to CX, however lacking a single customer view is still the #1 challenge in delivering the quality experiences that customers are expecting today.In this use case, we will look at how a leading SA Retailer uses our automated communications platform to improve outcomes by storing all their customer and behavioural data in one place, and engaging with customers on multiple channels through a single platform, unifying their engagement strategy.

Needs and goals

With their customer records stored in many separate systems leading to a lot of duplication, this home shopping retailer’s data team were spending hours pulling data from various platforms each time marketing wanted to run a campaign. The marketing team was always frustrated to be so reliant on the data team in order to execute even the simplest marketing campaign. Like many other retailers, they were eager to explore an easier, less time consuming way to send multi-channel marketing communication to their customers and to track a customer’s journey end-to-end while collecting actionable insights.


With Grapevine’s help, the marketing team now has the ability to quickly set up many different automated communication journeys. They can also easily send email and SMS campaigns from a single, secure platform and store all customer and behavioural data, while allowing the system to automatically manage and collapse duplicate records, using customer defined rules, all from a single marketing database. This innovation allowed the marketing team more time for effective campaign planning, but also dramatically reduced the data team’s time spent pulling and updating data for Marketing.


As a result, the overall customer experience and targeting effectiveness was transformed, with no need for Marketing or IT to worry about contact duplication and inaccurate data any longer. This gave them the perfect launchpad for being truly customer-centric and to start reaping the rewards.

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