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RCS USSD Credit Application Service

RCS USSD Credit Application Service

The Ask

RCS had a USSD system that allowed their customers to check the current balance on their RCS card. Their existing provider only offered access to three of the four major network providers, and frequent and extended periods of downtime had resulted in a very public backlash from disgruntled customers via various social media channels. RCS needed help to improve the performance of their existing USSD system, and they needed to do this with minimal interruption to business.

The Answer

Completing the crossover of all 11 USSD strings to Grapevine with minimal interruptions to business.


Grapevine has extensive experience working with USSD. This experience, coupled with careful project management, allowed a smooth crossover of all 11 USSD strings. Our USSD system also allowed us to offer access to all four of the major network providers, and our robust USSD platforms with multiple binds into each network meant we could ensure excellent system reliability and failover capability.

The Results

On average, the RCS USSD system receives between 6,500 and 8,000 hits each day, which equates to an average of 220,000 hits a month. RCS clients are now exposed to a reliable system that offers 95% uptime, with almost all downtime being attributed to scheduled system maintenance.Grapevine has helped to dramatically improve RCS’ image in social media. Gone are the complaints of poor USSD experiences from unsatisfied customers. In their place are happy customers who now have a simple and reliable way to check their current credit balance.

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