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Improving business effectiveness for leading SA Healthcare Group

Improving business effectiveness for leading SA Healthcare Group


C19 has accelerated the digital transformation agenda of many firms in diverse industries, including and especially how businesses communicate digitally with clients, and also employees. With frontline healthcare workforce requirements changing every few hours as situations unfolded, a leading South African Healthcare Group urgently needed a simple and cost-effective way to communicate rapidly with several thousand remote employees about frequent schedule changes, compliance procedures, and motivational messages from senior management, to improve healthcare delivery continuity to patients.


Leveraging our communications platform (cPAAS), we went live with an integrated communications service within one week. This enabled our client to deliver trackable enriched messaging, voice notes, short videos, and other documentation relevant to specific groups and teams.


By harnessing the power of automated digital communications, Grapevine helped this Healthcare Group reduce frustration, improve business effectiveness, raise morale of healthcare workers under pressure and improve overall continuity of care to patients.

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