We provide the technology, people and process to help bring yourcommunication strategies to life and drive better business outcomes.

Whether it's one or multiple channels, triggered, bulk, or automated, we take care of the hard stuff, freeing up your resources to help you resolve your communication challenges.


Create personalised, impactful experiences that build loyalty

Campaign is a complete Multi-Channel Campaign Automation platform including a multi-channel composer, landing pages, forms, APIs and real-time data exchange, that allows companies to design & automate consistent digital communication experiences across the entire Lead, Contact, and Customer lifecycle. 

The solution supports multiple channels, keeps client data private and secure, reliably delivers hyper-personalised Email, SMS, App-Push and Social campaigns. 

Use Campaign to run all your digital marketing, loyalty and customer service programs.

Main features

  • Dedicated Campaign Platform
  • Lead & Contact Scoring
  • Dedicated IP & Domain
  • Landing Pages & Forms
  • Unlimited Data
  • Multi-Channel Composer
  • Multi-Channel Journey Automation
  • APIs & Real-Time Data Exchange
  • Digital Behavior Tracking
  • Performance Insights
  • Advanced Query Builder
  • Dynamic Content Personalisation
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Effective, secure & reliable SMS & Email API delivery

Transact is an API sending and deliverability service for high speed, safe, secure, and reliable delivery of all transactional Email and SMS messages at scale. Send bulk or triggered messages using APIs or standard messaging protocols, SMTP for Email and SMPP for SMS. 

The service includes API setup and implementation, done for you, followed by active monitoring of message delivery, with sender reputation and compliance measures, to make sure you reach the inbox. With Transact, there is no need to worry about API coding, message delivery, performance or compliance, and Transact will keep your data private and secure.

Use Transact to send and track high priority or bulk transactional emails and SMSes using data driven or automated triggers from your customer data (CRM), service (CX) and engagement (CDP, CEP) platforms.

Email features

  • IP Reputation Management
  • Delivery Tracking & Insights
  • Pro-Active Delivery Monitoring
  • Bounce & Delivery Resolution
  • Automated IP Warming
  • Consent & Privacy Handling
  • Template Management
  • Sender Authentication

SMS features

  • Custom & Standard APIs
  • Delivery Tracking & Insights
  • 2-Way SMS Workflows
  • Tier-1 Telco Connectivity
  • Bulk & Priority SMS Delivery
  • Consent & Privacy Handling
  • Automated URL Shortening
  • Sender Authentication
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Deliver Digital Documents for less

Present is a simple, cost-effective Multi-Channel Digital Document Presentment solution that allows clients to automate and personalise digital document presentment and delivery. The solution supports PDF and HTML document presentment delivered on Email, SMS, WhatsApp and In-App, while keeping client data private and secure.

Document presentment can be based on bulk or dynamic generation using recipient actions. The solution integrates seamlessly to your exiting CRM and Loyalty data stores, and aims to reduce the cost and effort your existing digital document presentment processes.

Main features

  • Custom & Standard APIs
  • Statement Automation
  • Multi-Channel Delivery
  • Custom Templates
  • Delivery & Click Tracking
  • Workflow Management
  • Message Personalisation Rules
  • Sender Authentication
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Use our Channels to send and automate consistent digital customer experiences and campaigns, your way.


Grapevine offers a cost-effective WhatsApp Messaging API & Workflow solution to automate and personalise digital communication on WhatsApp.

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Integrate USSD as a channel in your customer service processes by using it for one-time pins, account applications, financial transactions, balance enquiries, customer surveys and more.

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