Use our Channels to send and automate consistent digital customer experiences and campaigns, your way.

Whether it's a single campaign, a critical alert, or an integrated multi-channel communication experience, we've got the tools and experience to make it happen.

Grepevine Channels: SMS


Opt for a short message service that works harder

Use our SMS capabilities to provide exceptional reach and immediacy. Easily configured to integrate with other systems and initiate highly personalised experiences, it’s both convenient and efficient.

  • Carrier grade connectivity
  • Number suppression & subscription APIs
  • Low-cost single rate per SMS
  • Dedicated short codes with reverse billing
  • Custom integration or standard APIs
  • Keywords with automated reply messages
  • Priority, triggered & bulk delivery options
  • Delivery receipts, opt-outs & replies
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Grepevine Channels: Email


Invest in complete, convenient and cost-effective email

Use out Email capabilities to design and deliver personalised email communication with measurable results and maximum performance. Dynamic and highly scalable, our tools simplify sending high-volume, transactional and personalised email communication.

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Grepevine Channels: WhatsApp


Make connecting with customers more personal using WhatsApp

Grapevine offers a cost-effective WhatsApp Messaging API & Workflow solution to automate and personalise digital communication on WhatsApp.

  • Converse with your customers over WhatsApp in a personal and private way
  • Send WhatsApp messages containing rich media such as images, audio and video
  • Include call-to-action buttons and personalisation in your WhatsApp messages
  • Build custom WhatsApp service workflows integrated with your existing tools and data
  • Integrate WhatsApp with other channels like email and SMS for multi-channel engagement
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Grepevine Channels: USSD


Simplify communication with this interactive and easy-to-operate mobile channel

USSD is a session-based communication protocol that requires no mobile data. Use our USSD API to build Standard, Push or Reverse Billed USSD solutions. Integrate USSD as a channel in your customer service processes by using it for one-time pins, account applications, financial transactions, balance enquiries, customer surveys and more.

  • Full USSD coverage in South Africa
  • USSD Gateway and APIs
  • Dedicated USSD strings
  • Web & email usage reports
  • SSL data collection & storage
  • Standard, Push & Reversed billed support
  • Seamless customizable integration options
  • Setup, testing and deployment procedures
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Grepevine Channels: Managed Communication Services

Managed Communication Services

We know there is no such thing as “one size fits all” for effective marketing and communication solutions.

Successful communication strategies don’t only depend on technologies, but also expertise, processes, and people. Our team of experts help clients achieve marketing and engagement goals by providing the tools, support and advice needed. We offer a combination of flexible, on demand and retainer based services with support options, allowing us to act as an extension of your communications team.

Automated Message Journeys

Automated Journeys don’t automate themselves; they require careful planning and an approach that starts with the goal in mind. We design and build journeys that integrate attributes with intent and interest, reaching your customers across channels, blending experience with performance to achieve optimal results.

Email & SMS Marketing Execution

We develop and improve your email and SMS campaign processes, helping you to cut execution time, scale capacity, eliminate mistakes, and improve results. Our campaign team can do all the work or can supplement your team when you need the extra help.

Custom Email Template & Landing Page Production

Expertly coded, fully tested and compatible with all devices and platforms. Let us design and build email templates and landing pages according to your unique specifications and requirements, including personalisation, form-capture and interactive elements.

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