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Boosting Business Revenue with Automated SMS Ordering

Boosting Business Revenue with Automated SMS Ordering


A large direct-selling cosmetics brand wanted to give their sales representatives the ability to place and manage orders using SMS.

Managing orders while on the go is more than a matter of convenience for sales reps. Having to go to the office or use a computer to place orders slows down the sales process, lowers sales productivity levels and frustrates customers.


Grapevine developed an automated SMS ordering solution, leveraging our enterprise-grade Communications Platform. The solution enables the processing of individual orders per sales representative, and includes cross-channel product management workflows, API integration with internal stock management systems, and shortcode and keyword database management.


Sales representatives can now place new orders, void orders, enquire on stock availability and view existing order details through their preferred channel in real-time. Not only does it save the company time and costs, but it also helps boost productivity, increase sales and improve overall business efficiency. The ability to react faster to customers’ enquiries and orders may also help to reduce the likelihood of churn.

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