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Accelerating digital transformation for leading home products retailer

Accelerating digital transformation for leading home products retailer


Timely and accurate delivery of up to date product and pricing information to their large remote-work salesforce has always been a key success factor for Tupperware®. However, their traditional method of catalogue print-to-post distribution, came to an abrupt standstill during C19 lockdown, leaving over thousands of independent sellers with outdated content, marketing collateral and product pricing.What they needed was a rapid and cost-effective way to deliver mobile-friendly digital versions of their catalogue, with a trackable delivery record to be sure each individual seller had the correct sales material in order to successfully continue business as usual. Urgently needing a mobile communications solution for their digital delivery, Tupperware® approached Grapevine for a simple, cost-effective solution.


Grapevine helped solved the problem through its Active SMS solution, using Grapevine’s cPAAS Media API, the SMS channel, and unique trackable linking. By hosting the documents on our platform, sales staff was given access to a mobile-friendly, digital version of the catalogues through an SMS with a unique, trackable link. This also allowed the brand to track which sales members have not engaged with the content, and send out reminder campaigns to increase engagement and drive sales.


The benefits of reduced costs, timely and trackable digital delivery, and a modernised engagement capability, will most likely drive these types of smart customer communications to become, “the new way of doing things”.

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