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Enhance Customer Engagement with Grapevine's SMS Integration for HubSpot CRM

Enhance Customer Engagement with Grapevine's SMS Integration for HubSpot CRM

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, establishing effective communication channels with customers is paramount for businesses aiming to cultivate robust relationships and propel growth. As part of our commitment to enhancing customer engagement, Grapevine has developed an integration with HubSpot, a renowned CRM platform, allowing businesses to seamlessly incorporate SMS into their communication strategies. This integration builds upon Grapevine's expertise in SMS, enabling businesses to harness the power of this versatile channel within the HubSpot ecosystem.

Let's explore the key features and benefits of Grapevine's SMS for HubSpot integration.

Send SMS to Contacts

With Grapevine's integration, users can effortlessly send SMS messages to any contact in their HubSpot CRM. This functionality opens up new avenues for businesses to connect with their customers, delivering important updates, sharing relevant content, and maintaining active communication. Whether it's notifying customers about promotions, sending order updates, or simply reaching out with personalised messages, businesses can leverage SMS to create engaging and impactful interactions.

Instant SMS Conversations

Engaging in real-time conversations is vital for fostering customer relationships. Grapevine's integration allows users to initiate SMS conversations directly with individual contacts within HubSpot. By offering a convenient and familiar communication channel, businesses can provide prompt responses to customer inquiries, address concerns efficiently, and ensure a seamless customer experience. The integration bridges the gap between businesses and customers, facilitating quick and effective communication.

Message History in HubSpot

Keeping track of customer interactions is essential for delivering personalised experiences. Grapevine ensures that all SMS messages sent through the integration are stored as part of the activity timeline within the corresponding HubSpot contact. This feature provides users with a comprehensive view of the communication history for each contact. Accessible and organised message history empowers businesses to understand customer preferences, recall past conversations, and tailor their approach accordingly.

Automated Bulk Messaging

Efficiency and scalability are key when it comes to managing customer communications. Grapevine's integration offers support for automated bulk messaging through HubSpot workflows. Users can create customised workflows in HubSpot, incorporating the "Send Grapevine SMS" action to send bulk messages to selected contacts. Leveraging pre-approved templates and merge fields, businesses can personalise their messages at scale, ensuring that customers receive relevant and tailored content. This automation saves time and effort, enabling businesses to engage with a larger audience effectively.

Easy Access and Message Tracking

Grapevine seamlessly integrates within the HubSpot environment, ensuring easy accessibility for users. Within the HubSpot CRM, users can conveniently navigate to specific contacts, companies, deals, or tickets and access Grapevine's features from the panel on the right side. This user-friendly interface streamlines the SMS communication process and minimises the learning curve.

Furthermore, Grapevine's integration ensures complete visibility by saving all SMS messages as part of the activity timeline within HubSpot. Users can utilise the "Filter Activity" option and select "Grapevine SMS for HubSpot" to view the comprehensive message history associated with each contact. This tracking functionality empowers businesses to have a holistic understanding of customer interactions, enabling them to deliver consistent and personalised experiences.


Grapevine's SMS integration for HubSpot CRM offers businesses a powerful tool to enhance customer engagement and streamline communication. By enabling users to send SMS messages, engage in real-time conversations, track message history, and leverage automation for bulk messaging, Grapevine empowers businesses to provide a seamless and personalised customer experience. As technology continues to shape customer expectations, integrating SMS communication within a robust CRM platform like HubSpot ensures businesses stay connected, drive customer satisfaction, and foster long-term success.

Ready to supercharge your customer engagement with Grapevine's SMS integration for HubSpot? Click here to sign up and install the plugin directly from the HubSpot Marketplace. Unlock the power of SMS communication and create meaningful connections with your customers today.

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